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Der Weg zum perfekten Kaffee beginnt bei GILDA. Aber auch die Kunst der richtigen Zubereitung will gelernt sein. In unseren Blogs zeigen wir Ihnen, was es rund um den Kaffee alles zu beachten gilt – und warum die Übung den Meister macht.

Tips & tricks

The right grind for a full aroma

Coffee is packed with aroma. So far, over 800 aromas have been found in roasted coffee. The right grind is key to extracting the full, harmoniously rounded aroma of an espresso.

Too coarse a grind and the machine doesn’t build up enough pressure. The water flows too quickly through the coffee, which prevents it from releasing its full aroma. It is under-extracted, tastes bland and the cream is light, thin or non-existent.

If the water flows too slowly through the coffee, the beans are too finely ground and the coffee is over-extracted. This releases undesirable bitter compounds and tannins, totally overwhelming the fine nuances. While the cream may be firm, it is too dark, and the coffee tastes bitter and too intense.

If the grind is right, 25 ml of espresso will flow into the cup in a thick, even, uninterrupted stream within 25 seconds. The cream is hazelnut brown and compact. The result is a taste sensation comprising a balanced blend of long-lasting bitter, sweet, sour and sharp flavours. This espresso is a hit!


As a rule, the fresher the coffee, the greater the variety of aromas. That’s why it’s important to grind the coffee beans just before brewing. This is because grinding breaks up the individual cells, releasing the fine aromas and essential oils stored within. These are fleeting, however, making the ground powder quickly lose its aroma.

Other blogs of interest

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Der PID Regler und seine Aufgaben

Die PID Regelung ist Teil der GILDA Steuerung, die eigens für diese Kaffeemaschine entwickelt und ausgelegt wurde.


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