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What does Maestro Verdi have to do with GILDA?

We are happy to tell you what the lady's relationship is to Maestro Verdi.

We think an espresso machine should definitely have a female first name. So we searched and thought and spent many funny evenings with friends looking for a name.

But none of them really fit. Until our visit to the opera in Avanches in summer 2011: Rigoletto by Verdi.

Before the performance, we were having dinner with friends, still looking for a name for our espresso machine. Later, we talked about the singers and wondered who was singing Gilda today. Gilda? We all looked at each other and immediately knew that was the perfect name. And lo and behold, the name could also be registered and protected as a trademark.

We still love the name, which sounds good in different languages, as we did on the first day. By the way: We pronounce it in Italian.

Picture: Stage set from Rigoletto - Bregenz Festival 2019.

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