“The coffee machine is playing our song again.”

Lifeblood an passion

The power of ideas
The art of realisationng

The dream of creating one’s own invention is as old as man himself. We made this dream come true with GILDA. The coffee machine we wanted hadn’t yet been invented and no one knew how to help us.

There was only one thing for it: roll up our sleeves and set to work. We embarked on a journey into the unknown with little more than a vague idea of where it would lead us.

Night after night we put our heads together, toyed with, developed, outlined and discarded ideas, then started all over again. Eventually, the fog lifted and we had a clear view of our objective. The design took shape and the inner workings of our baby became more and more complex and refined.

Finally, it went into production. Together with regional partners, we created the first prototype, then the second, then the third, and our GILDA just kept getting finer, better, more precise. The coffee it produced was reward enough for our work. Since then, its outstanding quality never fails to bring us the greatest pleasure day after day.

Swiss precision
Handmade in Lucerne

We could hardly believe our luck when our GILDA first went on sale at a specialist retailer in Lucerne in December 2012. We had no idea that this would mark the beginning of a success story that would gain tremendous momentum. In 2012 we received the renowned Red Dot Design Award in the category product design, and in 2015 a prestigious award of recognition from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Central Switzerland.

Shortly thereafter, we launched our patented coffee grinder. Together with the GILDA coffee machine, it forms a strong team, but is also becoming increasingly popular as a standalone product. Its patented dispensing system ensures residue-free cleanliness, with not a single bean left in the grinder.

Incidentally, the specialist retailer is still one of our partners. Even today, only selected specialist retailers sell our GILDA coffee machines and grinders. After all, buying a GILDA is a very personal and emotional experience. That’s why we continue to believe in the importance of expert advice and instruction.

What makes GILDA unique?

GILDA is a designer object of timeless beauty and an extremely sophisticated technical masterpiece. Every detail is just right, every movement is perfect, every function impresses. The innovative, patented technology is unique the world over and makes everything much better and easier. While our competitors are still relying on decades-old systems, GILDA is investing in the future. Never before has a coffee machine been so energy-efficient. And never before has there been a coffee grinder that fulfils your wishes so cleanly and precisely.

«Un caffè come si deve.»

GILDA is sustainable
und vor allem:

GILDA bereitet ein Leben lang Freude

Award-winning design

In 2012, GIL­DA won the Red Dot De­sign Award as a mark of qua­li­ty for aes­t­he­tic forms and su­stainable trends.

The jury’s reasoning

This coffee machine combines technical precision and outstanding functionality in an emotionally appealing form.

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