Functionality and aesthetics

Innovative Technology / Award-winning design

The innovative nature of GILDA is expressed in its outward form. Its streamlined design is technically focused on the essentials, with clean forms portraying the strict logic of a system that elevates coffee into a work of art.

Beauty and technology harmonise to create lifelong pleasure and enjoyment.

GILDA makes espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, Americano and caffè crema worthy of a barista. Firm, hazelnut-coloured cream blended with a combination of bitter, sweet or sour flavours. An intense experience that turns a daily cup of coffee into sensuous pleasure.


Heating time, boiler:
2 minutes
Heating time, steam:
40 seconds
Power consumption:
100 kWh / year
Dimensions (mm):W278 x H373 x D315
230 V 50 Hz
1700 KW
Water tank:
2,6 l
13 kg

Price:CHF 3'800.--


  • Dual-boiler sytem (hot water and steam)
  • Semi-automatic
  • Stainless steel case
  • Temperature and pressure display
  • Variable PID temperature controller
  • Flow meter with flow adjustment
  • Keine Wartezeit zwischen Dampf- und Kaffeebezug
  • Decalcification and rinsing program
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Cool touch steam pipe, can be swivelled
  • Cool touch hot water pipe, can be swivelled

Made in Switzerland

The GIL­DA® es­pres­so ma­chi­ne is Swiss through and through. The cof­fee ma­chi­ne and cof­fee grin­der we­re de­si­gned and per­fec­ted by MTE En­gi­nee­ring AG in Lu­cer­ne. Mo­re than 90% of all com­po­n­ents co­me from Swit­z­er­land, the rest from the EU. Pro­duc­tion is car­ri­ed out in va­rious faci­li­ties throughout Swit­z­er­land and ca­re­ful­ly as­sem­bled by hand in Lu­cer­ne.

Ready in 2 minutes

The GIL­DA® es­pres­so ma­chi­ne re­du­ces waiting time to a mi­ni­mum. Whe­re­as other cof­fee ma­chi­nes can ta­ke up to 20 mi­nu­tes, this ma­chi­ne is re­a­dy to use in just 2 – un­li­ke any other du­al boi­ler.

The so­phi­sti­ca­ted con­trol sy­stem al­lows the ex­act tem­pe­ra­tu­re and flow ra­te to be set for the per­fect es­pres­so or cof­fee.

You can al­so in­stant­ly switch bet­ween cof­fee and froth. So, whe­ther you’re ma­king a cap­puc­ci­no or a lat­te mac­chia­to, you’ll so­on ha­ve lovely fro­thy milk.

Functionality and aesthetics

The GILDA coffee grinder combines technical precision and outstanding functionality with a clean, emotionally appealing form. It is ergonomic, low maintenance and extremely easy to clean. Benefits you can enjoy day after day.

Together with its big sister, the GILDA coffee machine, it forms an unbeatable duo for great-tasting coffee.

Eco? Of course

Besides offering a number of other benefits, Switzerland is also an environmentally sound production location. Short transport routes, the steady flow of goods and our regional hubs are just as much part of our philosophy as advising our customers personally on site.

Energy? Friendly

GILDA is the most energy-efficient dual-boiler coffee machine ever. While rival products are still using decades-old systems, GILDA is based on an innovative patented technology that significantly reduces energy consumption:

-      The operating temperature is reached in 2 minutes.

-      Only the required amount of water is heated.

This effect alone reduces consumption to 100 kWh, which is considerably lower than conventional products.

For example:

If all dual-boiler machines in Switzerland were to be replaced by GILDA, this would result in savings roughly equivalent to the annual energy consumed by a city with around quarter of a million inhabitants.

At a glance

  • GILDA is a classic portafilter machine with a dual-boiler system.
  • It is perfect for the home, the office or in small catering businesses.
  • With its 2.6-litre water tank, it is not connected to the water mains.
  • GILDA reaches operating temperature in 2 minutes. The temperature can be set or adjusted quickly and easily (using the knob).
  • Depending on the set temperature, the acidity or bitterness of an espresso blend can then be accentuated.
  • deal for making everything from a fine espresso to a delicious cappuccino, latte macchiato, Americano, caffè crema or tea.

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