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Insight behind the scenes of perfect coffee. In our blog, we show the people behind the GILDA coffee machine and "tips & tricks" on everything there is to know about coffee - and why practice makes perfect.

The secret to brewing

Try brewing your favourite coffee at varying temperatures. You’ll be amazed at how different the same coffee tastes when brewed at different temperatures. Extracting the coffee at a lower temperature brings out the acidity, while a higher brewing temperature enhances the bitterness.

To extract a full, harmoniously rounded espresso, both the temperature and the grind have to be right (more in our blog “The right grind for a full aroma”). An optimum brewing temperature of between 90°C and 93°C should be maintained during the extraction process.

You can easily adjust and see the brewing temperature on the GILDA coffee machine by turning the knob and reading the display.

The secret to brewing lies at the heart of GILDA: in its ingenious boilers. These small, fine boilers heat up the water in just two minutes with high-precision repeatability and – thanks to a PID controller – at an extremely accurate brewing temperature. This makes even the hundredth cup of coffee taste just as superb as the first. The stable heating system also ensures constant coffee making – guaranteeing uninterrupted coffee enjoyment at any large event or brunch.

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Tipps & Tricks

How to make the perfect espresso using the portafilter machine

Coffee beans: The most important thing when choosing the beans is freshness. The fresher your coffee, the greater the variety of aromas. Coffee contains up to 20% fat. This fat quickly goes rancid. That’s why it’s best just to buy small quantities and pay attention to the roasting date.



How to empty the hot water and steam boiler

Down to the last drop: With our GILDA, all water in the pipes can be completely pumped out, thus preventing any residual water remaining in the system after decalcification or after prolonged non-use.


Kaffee mit...

Interview with Andreas

Design classics: The GILDA espresso machine und the Feuerring “Enjoyment is life.» Andreas Reichlin is a connoisseur. For him, this has nothing to do with leisure or holidays, but runs like a common thread through his everyday life. What enjoyment factor the GILDA coffee machine has for him and why he only has two coffee cups in his cupboard. The interview in our blog.

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