BLOGS für Baristas

Der Weg zum perfekten Kaffee beginnt bei GILDA. Aber auch die Kunst der richtigen Zubereitung will gelernt sein. In unseren Blogs zeigen wir Ihnen, was es rund um den Kaffee alles zu beachten gilt – und warum die Übung den Meister macht.

How to make the perfect espresso using the portafilter machine

Coffee beans: The most important thing when choosing the beans is freshness. The fresher your coffee, the greater the variety of aromas. Coffee contains up to 20% fat. This fat quickly goes rancid. That’s why it’s best just to buy small quantities and pay attention to the roasting date.


What’s the best way to store coffee beans?

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee. And if stored correctly, it will retain its aroma and flavour long enough to make the last espresso taste as good as the first. But what should you look out for?


The right grind for a full aroma

Coffee is packed with aroma. So far, over 800 aromas have been found in roasted coffee. The right grind is almost crucial to extracting the full, harmoniously rounded aroma of an espresso


The secret to brewing

What role does brewing play in preparing the perfect coffee? Brew your favourite coffee at varying temperatures and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how different the same coffee tastes when brewed at different temperatures.

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