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He is a steel sculptor, artist and inventor of the legendary Feuerring: Andreas Reichlin loves functional design and coffee. What connects the Feuerring with the GILDA coffee machine and why his GILDA is also a humidifier.

How many cups of coffee have you already had today?
One. I'm not that crazy about coffee and drink ten a day. I'd rather have less, but something good. In the morning a cappuccino, later an espresso, black.

What does the first coffee mean to you?
It's such a smooth start to the morning, a wonderful taste.

Do you have a morning coffee drinking spot?

My place is by the window, in my favourite armchair snuggled up in the woollen blanket, with a view of the Glarus Alps and the lake, my cup of cappuccino in my hand. What could be nicer than watching the day begin like this?

So you're an early bird?
Yes, I usually start my day at six in the morning, before the sun rises. Maybe it's 'senile bed escape', my sleep is not so good anymore. (laughs) Sometimes, I go back to bed after my morning coffee and sleep for half an hour before the second coffee.

What belongs to a good cup of coffee?

The silence. When the day awakens. There's no radio on in the morning. Then I sit and ponder. And I look at the agenda to see what topics the day will bring.
“If I afford something, it's a Swiss product, an original, like GILDA.” Andreas Reichlin

Design or function – which is more important for you?

Both. Above all, simplicity. I don't like the Italian coffee machines with all the chrome steel tubes. What counts for me is a reduction to the essentials. That's what I have with the GILDA. The fact that it has two boilers, for example, is convincing in its function. That's what I love about good design: it's not only beautiful, it also has to function. And if it's durable and sustainable, then everything comes together.

Does the design of the coffee cup also matter to you?

Oh yes, I don't like to drink coffee without my cup. I only have two cups, that's all I need. They are handmade by Petra Lindenbauer, a ceramist I discovered at the Designhotel Wiesergut in Austria. Beautiful. Coffee simply tastes different from them. Just like a beautiful wine glass: the eye also drinks, that's important to me and I've always lived with that.

What beans are you currently grinding?
I'm someone who likes to fiddle around. Right now I'm drinking a Grisons coffee from the Keller roasting company, a special edition roasted over Swiss stone pine. I find the scent of Swiss stone pine so cool.

Do you like to try out new coffees or do you stick to your favourite?

I like the local ones and not just any from 'dont't know from where'. But I always like to try something new.

So you're a pro at adjusting the grinder?

I just try it out. I don't know if I'm good at it, I just go with my gut.

What does enjoyment mean to you?
I am always an epicure. It's not something that has to do with leisure or holidays. Enjoyment is life. I enjoy my work extremely and get pleasure from it. I enjoy it when I get to tell my story and pass on my joy.

Isn't it easier when you can work independently?

No, I am convinced you can enjoy your work even if you are employed. But I think the demand is often not there that you have to have joy. My father always told us when we were choosing a profession: "If you want to earn money, you have to forget about money. Do what's in your heart, do it with passion and the money will come by itself." He was a farmer's son and so creative and wise.
How long have you had a GILDA coffee machine?
(thinking) I think three or four years. My brother always wanted one, so I became aware of it. Then I just bought it. I don't need much to live on, but if I do, I want a Swiss product if possible, an original, like GILDA. I always like to get to know the people behind a product, to find out the story. That gives a different approach.

What are the advantages of GILDA?
Every detail has been thought through. It's functional and the design is right, that's what grabs me the most. In winter, I fill each tank to the top and empty the rest of the water onto my concrete floor in the morning. That makes it so alive, gives it a patina and the air is also just humidified. GILDA is more than a coffee machine, it is also a humidifier. (laughs)

Your ultimate tip for potential new GILDA owners?

The sooner you own one, the longer you can enjoy it. That's what my brother says about the Feuerring. It's true. Of course, the anticipation is nice. But if possible, you just have to buy it, that's it. Then you have a lot of fun with it.

The Feuerring and the GILDA have both received a Reddot Design Award. What else do they have in common?
There are authentic people behind them who want to pass on their passion and joy. That is clearly noticeable. For me, it is central to pass on joy. That's why we exist. I never wanted to found a company, I am an artist through and through. But then my partner Beate convinced me; come on, we simply pass on joy. That's right for me.

Your joy is contagious...

Yes, I am very happy to recommend GILDA to others, because it is true for me and radiates an incredible power. Like the Feuerring, it is coherent in itself. This also results in follow-up business. Because a good quality draws circles around it. You see a Feuerring at a friend's house in the garden, eating, grilling, spending pleasant hours. From this, new places arise for it because it is so good and bewitching. It is the same with GILDA.

Award-winning design

In 2012, GIL­DA won the Red Dot De­sign Award as a mark of qua­li­ty for aes­t­he­tic forms and su­stainable trends.

GILDA is a designer object of timeless beauty and an extremely sophisticated technical masterpiece. Every detail is just right, every movement is perfect, every function impresses.

more about GILDA Kaffeemaschine?

What makes GILDA special?

I've never had any trouble with it. It's easy to clean and it heats up quickly...  in just two minutes. (laughs) I also enjoy the grinder. It is just part of it, the two are a couple.

Speaking of which: does your girlfriend also have a GILDA?
Yes, but she never wanted one, she was more into Italian piston machines and wanted to buy one. That didn't make sense to me, since we know the GILDA. I was so convinced of it that I gave her a GILDA for Christmas. Now she's on fire herself and wouldn't give it up. Besides the good coffee, she also appreciates the hot water for tea. It's ready so quickly, you put a tea bag underneath, let the water out and that's it.

GILDA was born out of necessity, because our developer and engineer Marco Tschümperlin couldn't find a good-quality, fast and beautiful coffee machine on the market and decided on the spur of the moment to develop one himself. How did the Feuerring come about?
Very similarly, out of the need to improve something. I have always loved to barbecue. When my stomach didn't like the burnt grill food, I wanted to solve the problem as my father had taught us. He always challenged us three boys to solve everyday things in a simple, new way. That left its mark on us. Even if it wasn't always so cool when we were pubescent. That's how I developed a new way of grilling for myself and - without even realising it - revolutionised the barbecue market. But I wouldn't be a good product designer. I only ever make what I need for myself.

What is your favourite thing to cook on the Feuerring at the moment?
Oh, I always make something different, eat very seasonally. I love fish from the lake. I really enjoy cooking for our team of seven. We have put together our favourite recipe ideas in our Feuerring recipe book.

Does it also have a recipe with coffee in it?
Yes, a coffee rub by top chef Chris Züger. It is excellent for marinating meat or vegetables.

Coffee Rub

5 EL Kaffeebohnen

3 EL Kakaopulver

5 EL Paprikapulver

2 EL Cayenne-Pfeffer

1 EL Knoblauchpulver

1 EL Kuminpulver

4 EL Rohrzucker

5 EL Meersalz

Coffee Rub

Roast the coffee beans on the outer edge of the fire ring, then mix with powdery additives and salt in a mortar and grind. Rub meat or vegetables with Coffee Rub and olive oil, fry on all sides, taking care not to let the rub burn. Pour cold coffee over from time to time.

Can you also grill vegetables on the Feuerring?

Yes, absolutely. The roasting flavour is extremely fine, even for vegetarian dishes. For example, Gschwellti (potatoes) on moss prepared on the Feuerring, delicious. Or kohlrabi from the embers. We are currently working on a recipe book with vegetables on the Feuerring. It is so well done that no one misses the meat.

Do you also make coffee on the Feuerring?

Yes, we use the Bialetti to make coffee from the Feuerring for our customers. It's all about the experience.

A final vote for coffee enjoyment?
Beautiful memories and emotions make us happy. When you really enjoy your coffee machine, the coffee tastes even better.

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