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Insight behind the scenes of perfect coffee. In our blog, we show the people behind the GILDA coffee machine and "tips & tricks" on everything there is to know about coffee - and why practice makes perfect.

This is how you empty the boiler on the GILDA espresso machine

If you are going on holiday, we recommend to empty the hot water and steam boiler of your GILDA coffee machine. This is quite simple:


  1. Remove the water tank
  2. Place a cup under the hot water pipe
  3. Kippschalter Heisswasser antippen
  4. When «E1» appears on the display: Delete the message by tapping the hot water toggle switch again, press the toggle switch again - until air comes out of the hot water pipe
  5. Place a cup under the steam pipe
  6. Empty the steam boiler by pressing the toggle switch steam (down)

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How to empty the hot water and steam boiler

Down to the last drop: With our GILDA, all water in the pipes can be completely pumped out, thus preventing any residual water remaining in the system after decalcification or after prolonged non-use.


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