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Insight behind the scenes of perfect coffee. In our blog, we show the people behind the GILDA coffee machine and "tips & tricks" on everything there is to know about coffee - and why practice makes perfect.

2 in 1

Die Box -- Ausklopfschublade und Tamperstation in einem - schafft Platz in der Küche. Mit ihren smarten Massen (B135xH80x225 mm) passt sie perfekt unter die GILDA Kaffeemühle.

Ab sofort kann Sie in unserem Onlineshop bestellt werden:

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Tipps & Tricks

The secret to brewing

What role does brewing play in preparing the perfect coffee? Brew your favourite coffee at varying temperatures and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how different the same coffee tastes when brewed at different temperatures.


Auf einen Kaffee mit...

Interview with Lucas



Quality handles

Only the best will do for GILDA, which is why we have given our new filter baskets high-quality handles.

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